The Society of Dance Arts


THE TSODA FALL 2021 RECITAL is Saturday, November 13th at 7pm and Sunday, November 14th at 7pm in Baldwin Hall Auditorium!!! Come see us! We’d love to have you!!



Hi everyone!

The Society of Dance Arts was founded in 2001. We are a non-audition dance organization at Truman State University that offers a wide variety of classes fit for any dancer, whether you have been dancing for 15 years or you have never danced before! Each class meets once a week for an hour and a half. We also have meetings about every other Sunday at 7pm to keep members up to date on everything. At the end of every semester, we hold an optional recital to showcase all our hard work!

The purpose and goals of TSODA are:
– To open, for the university, doors of a more classical realm of dancing
– To provide a center for diverse forms of dance arts to be practiced, performed, learned, and enjoyed by the University community alike
– To challenge every dancer at any skill level

Dues are $20 per year or $13 per semester. If you choose not to participate in recital, dues are then $15 per year or $10 per semester. You may only participate in four recital dances a semester.

We would love to have you, so please come check us out!